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The Manjimup Tigers Football Club are extremely fortunate to have had such an outstanding list of dedicated individuals since our foundation in 1959, helping the Club to reach new levels of success.

Please read on below to view our Tigers honour board listing those dedicated individuals!

Clubhouse Honour Board:

Tigers Honour Board:

1959L. LittlecottF. Felstead Snr.F. FelsteadF. Felstead
1960L. LittlecottF. Felstead Snr.F. FelsteadR. Lucev
1961L. LittlecottI. TaitF. FelsteadB. Jackson
1962R.A. StratfordI. TaitF. FelsteadC. Walker
1963R.A. StratfordF. FelsteadG. Dawson
1964W.A. KammannJ. WoodmanC. Walker
1965W.A. KammannN. RiceH. BrowningF.J. Kammann
1966R.A. StratfordF. SimmondsN. RiceM.G. Edwards
1967R.A. StratfordF. SimmondsE. CouttsJ. IronsM. Rigoll
1968R.A. StratfordW. BrittainH. BrowningJ. IronsO. Skraha
1969B.V. BrownJ. WoodmanJ. WoodmanG. LarkinD.P. Blechynden
1970B.V. BrownJ. WoodmanP. JonkerD. KammannM. Rigoll
1971B.V. BrownJ. LuznyD. HicksD. KammannG. Nicol
1972J.C. WaughM. SayerD. HicksM. RigollD. Lyster
1973F. SimmondsM. SayerD. HicksN. DeightonP. Hampson
1974H. EdwardsP. DaffW. RiceJ. YozziD.H. Blechynden
1975R. JohnstonP. DaffW. RiceJ. YozziP. Hampson
1976P.N. DaffP. HampsonW. RiceJ. TurnerD.H. Blechynden
1977P.N. DaffP. HampsonW. SheridanJ. TurnerT. Starkie
1978R.L. AustinP. HampsonW. SheridanD. BlechyndenD.H. Blechynden
1979R.L. AustinP. HampsonJ. RynskiD. BlechyndenD.H. Blechynden
1980T. ColemanP. HampsonJ. MilentisJ. TurnerM. Blechynden
1981D.J. JonesP. HampsonC. BlechyndenJ. TurnerP. Hampson
1982D.J. JonesA. BrownC. BlechyndenD. Blechynden
G. Terpou
D.H. Blechynden
1983D. KammannY. WestonY. WesternD. Blechynden
G. Terpou
M. Blechynden
1984D. KammannY. WestonY. WesternL. WrightL. Wright
1985J. MilentisY. WestonY. WesternS. DecampoC. Staite
1986J. MilentisY. BatrickY. BartichS. DecampoA. Cutts
1987J. MilentisF. SimmondsM. BurgerD. BlechyndenC. Staite
1988K. ChurchF. SimmondsF. SimmondsA. CuttsS. Decampo
1989T. StalkerH. JamesJ. PierceJ. ReeveM. Parker
1990M. BlechyndenH. JamesJ. PierceJ. ReeveJ. Walker
1991M. BlechyndenH. JamesH. JamesG. FraserB. Quaife
1992B. HolwillH. JamesH. JamesG. FraserJ. Craig
1993B. HolwillH. JamesH. JamesJ. ReeveM. Maxwell
1994B. HolwillH. JamesH. JamesD. BoothM. Maxwell
1995J. ReeveD. FouracresD. FouracresP. WoodJ. Craig
1996J. ReeveD. FouracresD. FouracresP. WoodB. Hickman
1997K. GibelliniD. FouracresM. HodgsonP. WoodA. Femia
1998K. GibelliniD. FouracresM. HodgsonP. WoodM. Jones
1999K. GibelliniD. FouracresM. HodgsonS. RadoM. Johnston
2000G. WalterD. FouracresM. HodgsonP. Wood
N. Hodgson
M. Maxwell
2001G. WalterD. FouracresM. HodgsonN. HodgsonA. Femia
2002G. WalterD. FouracresM. HodgsonG. ButcherA. Femia
2003G. WalterD. FouracresM. HodgsonB. HumphreyC. Fouracres
2004B. MossD. FouracresM. HodgsonR. MastersA. Femia
2005B. MossD. FouracresM. HodgsonR. MastersM. Johnston
2006D. HanrattyD. FouracresJ. JohnstonR. MastersB. Fraser
2007D. HanrattyD. FouracresJ. JohnstonR. MastersL. Edwards
2008M. HodgsonD. FouracresR. BlechyndenM. JohnstonB. Fraser
2009M. HodgsonD. FouracresY. MazziniM. JohnstonB. Fraser
2010M. HodgsonA. FemiaK.A. DimitriouR. MastersB. Fraser
2011M. HodgsonA. FemiaK.A. DimitriouR. MastersR. Carr
2012B. ChatleyS. EdwardsJ. ChurchR. MastersR. Starkie
2013B. ChatleyS. EdwardsJ. ChurchR. MastersR. Starkie
2014G. HodgsonS. EdwardsJ. ChurchR. MastersR. Starkie
2015G. HodgsonS. EdwardsC. HodgsonB. ChatleyR. Marsh
2016D. MastersS. EdwardsC. HodgsonR. MastersR. Dawson
2017A. FemiaS. EdwardsL. Naming

Last Updated: May 2017