FANTASTIC night to finish off and celebrate the season and achievements at the TIGERS CABARET…..
CONGRATULATIONS to all award winners…..
Special mention to Drew Money for winning the Walker Medal League Fairest and Best…….. Ash Ward for winning the Greg Muir Memorial Reserves Fairest and Best……. Taj Russo for winning the Blechynden Memorial Colts Fairest and Best……..
WELL DONE and THANKS to Jodi Johnston and Matt Giles for receiving the Best Clubman award for all their work for the club throughout the year……..
CHEERS Chris Foreacres of Liquid Culture Djs who had the crowd pumping all night with plenty of shirts off as things were getting a bit hot on the dance floor!!!!!!!
To Duck. Barnes and Bunga all the players and all other volunteers who have helped the club continue its success this year the message was clear…. STAY INVOLVED as we will need everyone back on deck next year to continue making Tigers a Progressive and Sustainable Community Football Club.

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